About me

Hi! I’m Tammy, the owner of Wonderfully Simple Soaps and the Mom who mixes and molds every unique bar in our collection. 

Along with my husband, a pack of lazy German Shepherds, and a bunch of chickens, I’m living and loving the simple life in North Carolina. My kids are grown and living their own adventures, but we love having the whole gang back home on a regular basis. And, if I can get her to slow down for a little while, one of my favorite things to do is make a batch or three of soap with my daughter. 

About the soap

One of the first things you’ll probably notice as you browse through the shop is that everything seems to be a Limited Edition. 🙂

That’s because I don’t really have a set recipe or technique that is my “go to”. Instead, I look at every batch as a new puzzle to figure out, and a new story to tell. 

Kind of like an author who writes without an outline, sometimes even I’m surprised and delighted by what happens with a batch as it develops. Of course, sometimes it doesn’t turn out that well, but don’t worry: you won’t see those little “learning opportunities” for sale. 😉

When I stumble on something beautiful, you’ll know. So, if you want to stay on top of what’s new from Wonderfully Simple Soap, you can put your email address in the form below, or just bookmark the Blog, where I’ll be announcing new arrivals regularly.



"We love your soaps!! They smell delicious and fresh! They last a long time and look lovely in my bathroom!"

~Lisa Barnett

"My skin is softer and healthier since I began using homemade soap. There are no added chemicals, just a few simple ingredients, which I love! The colors and designs Tammy creates are beautiful and original every single time!"

~Sara Gregory