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Welcome to the world of wonderfully
simple handcrafted soaps!

hand made soaps

We’re no megacorporation
spitting out millions of identical mass-produced bars of hardened chemicals every week. But, we’re also not creating miniature works of art that will cost $30 a bar and never get used.

I’m just a Mom with a love for creative projects, enjoying quality time with friends and family and making something beautiful, useful, and fun for me and for you.

Our soaps are made with
a minimum of ingredients, balanced and wholesome:

  • Distilled water (pure and clean)
  • Oil (sometimes olive, sometimes coconut, sometimes something different)
  • Lye (that’s what gets you clean)
  • Some essential oils (for scent)A dash of whatnot (for texture and exfoliation)
  • And a whole lot of laughter and love (just because!)
  • So, please browse around the shop and ask me any questions that come to mind.

Each bar is 5.5oz per bar.

Contact me today and see the difference to your skin using handcrafted soap!!

I'm Tammy!

I'd love to show you my handmade soaps!


Handmade Soaps

Starting from

$6.50 a bar

Best Scents

Handmade Soaps

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